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Meet Sean & Dan, can you be their solution?

Sean and Dan are a lovely couple from Florida who have been together for 12 years and married for four.  They have a 4-year-old daughter through surrogacy who brings them SO. MUCH. JOY.  The only missing piece is a sibling for their precious girl.   Dan and Sean have 6 frozen embryos, and they would […]

What Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions can offer you

Surrogacy may seem simple. Someone wants to have a baby, but any number of factors prevent them from getting or staying pregnant. You’ve had a least one baby, you don’t mind (or even LOVE) being pregnant and your body seems to handle it well. Maybe you’ve even been a surrogate before and have a good […]

Surrogacy Support: Coping with a Failed Transfer

Written By: Hillary Redwine Transfer day is a day filled with excitement for intended parents and surrogates, followed by anticipation as they await confirmation of a positive pregnancy test. After what has likely been months of meetings, medical appointments and contract negotiations, everyone is anxious to officially start the journey. But what happens when things […]

Can you help William become a BIG Brother?

Giving the gift of life to someone who cannot have a baby on their own is a beautiful thing. You could be the person to change their lives forever! Allow us to introduce our Intended Parents Katie & Matthew. Katie & Matthew have one son, William, who is the light of their lives and are […]

Meet Michelle & Brian, can you be their solution?

As a surrogate you are not just helping to create parents. You are helping to create grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and sometimes siblings. You are literally changes lives… doesn’t that give you all the feels. Allow us to introduce our Intended Parents Michelle & Brian. They are in their early 30’s and they are excited […]

Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions hosts Surrogacy Q&A events for potential surrogates

Written By: Hillary Redwine Like many agencies, Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions is experiencing a record number of intended parents who need the help of a surrogate to create their happy family at a time when there is a shortage of qualified surrogates across the country. “We currently have 65 couples waiting to be matched […]

Families you can help as a surrogate

As a surrogate, you have the ability to make a difference, you are changing lives and making dreams come true for so many! During the surrogacy process, not only are you giving the couple or individual you are carrying for an amazing gift, you are creating moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and extended family. Without […]

Amy’s Story: Surrogate helps same-sex couples create their families

Written By: Hillary Redwine Is there a certain type of family you would like to help? We ask our gestational carriers at Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions this question to help facilitate a successful match with intended parents. For two-time surrogate Amy Wise, the answer is an easy one. “I carry exclusively for same-sex couples […]

Apply NOW!!! During Open Enrollment Extension

Written by: Hillary Redwine, cross posted When a gestational carrier has her own insurance policy that will cover a surrogate pregnancy, it is a huge benefit for intended parents (IPs), helping them save on the overall cost of surrogacy, which runs upwards of $100,000. In some cases, it is one of the deciding factors for […]

Meet Whitney

Written by: Hillary Redwine, cross posted  Whitney Hall recently joined Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions as a Care Coordinator. She works with intended parents and surrogates once they have been matched to guide and support them throughout the surrogacy process – from the initial medical screening to the pregnancy and delivery. Like many of our […]

A second delivery, a two time surrogate’s story.

Written by: Hillary Redwine, this is cross referenced Meg Watwood truly has a servant’s heart, she is a two-time surrogate and mom of four, Meg loves helping intended parents create their families and views surrogacy as another way she can serve others. She was drawn to becoming a gestational carrier after she and her husband […]

Husbands weigh in on their wife becoming a surrogate

Written by: Hillary Redwine When we talk about the surrogacy experience, it is typically from the perspective of the Surrogate. But surrogacy impacts the entire family, not just the woman carrying the baby. Having a committed partner to support her along the way and share in the experience of helping intended parents create their family […]

Braving Infertility Together connects women in Dallas-Fort Worth and beyond

Written by: Hillary Redwine Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex, Braving Infertility Together is a grassroots nonprofit organization whose mission is to normalize the infertility process by providing experienced-based support, encouragement and education. The organization was born from a group of local women who connected via an online search for infertility support and decided […]

Building a Relationship with Your Surrogate

Written by: Hillary Redwine   For many intended parents, building a relationship with their surrogate is an important part of the journey because it helps them feel connected and involved in the pregnancy. Perhaps no one understands this more than Amy Huston, who has two children (Eli and Hallie) carried by different surrogates and a […]

Six Gift Ideas for Your Surrogate

  Written By: Hillary Redwine For our surrogates at Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions, the greatest gift is helping intended parents create their happy families. While gifts are never expected, we know that intended parents often want to express their gratitude with a gift. We recently asked some of our surrogates / gestational carriers (GCs) […]