Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions

Meet Rashna & Vijay, can you be their solution?

Meet Rashna and Vijay, a fun-loving couple whose marriage is grounded in a shared love of family and close friendships, travel and global cuisines, professional sports, and pickleball! Their love story is one of deep devotion, shared adventures, and an extraordinary journey that has shaped their lives in beautiful ways.  Rashna’s early love of math […]

Meet Liza & Michael, can you be their solution?

Liza is a neurologist and professor, and Mike works in biotech. Liza also travels yearly to Cambodia and Laos to teach neurology and both participate in Miles for Migraine, advocating for better migraine care. We do not anticipate any career changes. Our marriage is built on friendship, and we love spending time together. We rarely […]

Meet our Intended Parents Brian and Aidan, from California 

Introducing Brian and Aidan, a loving same-sex couple from California, who are embarking on the beautiful journey of building their family. They are seeking the invaluable assistance of a surrogate to help them realize their dream of becoming parents.  Brian and Aidan have been on this path for about a year and remain incredibly optimistic […]

Meet Lauren & Alex, can you be their solution?

Meet Our intended Parents Lauren & Alexander from Florida, seeking a surrogate.   We are passionate assistant public defenders who love our jobs and the public service we provide. Our positions offer flexible schedules, generous leave time, and some work-from-home options, which are perfect for a growing family. We met at work and bonded over […]

Meet Maria & RayC, can you be their solution?

Meet Maria and RayC, a vibrant couple from the sunny shores of southern Florida. Maria is a dedicated CPA, while RayC pours his passion into the world of construction. Their love for adventure and the great outdoors is evident in their frequent escapes to Key Largo, where they immerse themselves in the joys of fishing, […]

Meet Thea & Eric, can you be their solution?

Meet Thea and Eric, a warm-hearted couple from California whose love for each other and their fur babies knows no bounds. Thea, with her expertise as a Wedding Sales Manager, and Eric, excelling in Pharmaceutical Sales, have built a beautiful life surrounded by a supportive network of family and friends who are as close as […]

Meet Ali & David, can you be their solution?

Meet Ali & David, they are both originally from the Chicagoland suburban area. They lived in Alabama for 9 years before moving back home, and still enjoy going back to see friends & family. Ali is still part of the yearly Mardi Gras festival as she is on one of the crews there.  They also […]

Meet Sarah & Mike, can you be their solution?

Meet Sarah and Mike, a dynamic duo bursting with outgoing energy and a deep love for their circle of family and friends. Their journey is a testament to their resilience and determination, fueled by a shared passion for living life to the fullest. Sarah and Mike embrace every opportunity with open arms and boundless enthusiasm, […]

Meet Krishna & Ashley, can you be their solution?

Meet our intended parents Krishna & Ashley, They met in November of 2019 and quickly realized that they wanted to spend their lives together. Their personalities balance each other well (e.g., Krishna is thoughtful, analytical, and decisive, while Ashley is emotionally-oriented, empathetic, and has a tendency to read every review before making a decision). Krishna is a […]

Meet Sasha & Charlie, can you be their solution?

You may remember our intended Parents Sasha & Charlie. They are still in need of a surrogate to help them to become parents. They have been married for seventeen years, Sasha and Charlie are each other’s best friends and supporters. Sasha & Charlie have two sweet fur babies, but they have longed for a child […]

Meet Andrew & Kristina, Can You Be Their Solution?

Andrew and Kristina prioritize family and quality time with their daughter, Harlow. They share a love for community involvement, tropical vacations, and family activities like cooking, walking their rescue dogs, and hosting game nights. Having met in college, their love story led to a beautiful wedding in 2014. Their journey into parenthood took an unexpected […]

Meet Jacky, Can you be her solution?

Amid the bustling corporate world, a dedicated soul finds meaning in the intricate dance of strategy and perspective. Jacky’s job in corporate strategy allows her to explore the kaleidoscope of ideas, marveling at the various angles from which people view the same thing. While she may not be the one pulling the triggers for pivotal […]

Meet Karra and Josh, Can you be their solution?

Karra and Josh are very much in love and will celebrate a decade of marriage this summer. They want children more than anything and have been trying to have a baby since their first year of marriage. Due to Karra’s extremely serious case of endometriosis, she experienced multiple ectopic pregnancies and significantly reduced ovarian reserve. […]

Meet Michele & Richard, Can you Be Their Solution?

Michele and Richard have been together for over eight years. They first met in NYC and now reside together in Miami. Both come from loving and supportive families, with a close bond to their parents. They eagerly anticipate the day their parents become grandparents. However, Michele’s father’s health has been gradually declining over the past […]

Meet Lauren, Can you be her solution?

Lauren is a go-getter, risk-taker, dreamer, and courageous individual. She never allows adversity to deter her. Instead, she adjusts her plans while remaining steadfast in pursuit of her ultimate goals. This resilient mindset characterizes her approach to life. Lauren refuses to settle or stop dreaming, despite shedding numerous tears in recent years. Even when faced […]

Meet Emily & Brad, Can You Be Their Solution?

Emily and Brad initially crossed paths on an online dating platform in 2017. Their early conversations revolved around topics like which cereal mascot would win in a fight, with Emily favoring Tony the Tiger and Brad siding with Captain Crunch. Eventually, they decided to meet up for dinner at a Mexican restaurant, where they felt […]

Meet Nick & Brian, Can you be their solution?

Nick and Brian are eager to expand their family and are currently seeking a surrogate to help fulfill their dreams. Their love story originated from a friendship that blossomed when they coincidentally sat next to each other in a large auditorium during their freshman year of college. Little did they know that this serendipitous encounter […]

Meet Vasili and Claudia, Can You Be Their Solution?

Vasili and Claudia have a strong desire to add to their family, but they have encountered difficulties due to infertility. To fulfill their dream, they are seeking the assistance of a surrogate.   Vasili and Claudia met in 2018 when Vasili was residing in New York and Claudia was in Miami. Initially introduced as colleagues, they […]