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Meet Lauren & Alex, can you be their solution?

Meet Our intended Parents Lauren & Alexander from Florida, seeking a surrogate.
We are passionate assistant public defenders who love our jobs and the public service we provide. Our positions offer flexible schedules, generous leave time, and some work-from-home options, which are perfect for a growing family.
We met at work and bonded over our commitment to public service. Family is incredibly important to us, and we chose to live near many family members so we can spend quality time together.
We are fun, loving, and easy-going, and we are ready to complete our family. After years of building our careers and achieving a work/life balance, we are prepared for the joys and challenges of parenthood. We dream of daily activities, introducing new foods, playdates with family and friends, holidays, and trips to the farm in Virginia and the lake in Canada.
Alex was born and raised in Miami, where his family lives nearby. Lauren grew up in Virginia, where her family still resides. Both of our families are excited and supportive of our journey to parenthood. We live in a quiet neighborhood and love taking walks with our pug, Pedro, he is excited for his first human sibling.
After two years of trying to conceive, we consulted a fertility specialist. Lauren’s reproductive health poses a high risk for pregnancy, so we decided to seek a surrogate. We want our surrogate to feel supported and appreciated, we are so grateful to have someone consider our application.
If you share our passion for family and are interested in being part of our journey, we would love to hear from you!
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