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Meet our Intended Parents Brian and Aidan, from California 

Introducing Brian and Aidan, a loving same-sex couple from California, who are embarking on the beautiful journey of building their family. They are seeking the invaluable assistance of a surrogate to help them realize their dream of becoming parents. 

Brian and Aidan have been on this path for about a year and remain incredibly optimistic and enthusiastic about the moment they meet their little ones. Their love for children is boundless, and they plan to dedicate 4-6 months to being full-time parents before resuming work. 

Brian and Aidan cherish their friends and family deeply. Although their families are based in California and their close friends are spread across the U.S. and Europe, they make every effort to reunite for skiing, hiking, and quality time together. They are surrounded by a supportive and excited group of people eager to welcome their future children to the world. 

Understanding the profound role a surrogate plays in their journey, Brian and Aidan hope to build a strong, organic relationship with their surrogate. Here are a few things they have in mind:  

  • Pre-Transfer Communication: They wish to communicate with their surrogate before the transfer to ensure she feels physically and mentally prepared. They want to know her and offer support even before the pregnancy begins. 
  • Pregnancy Updates and Bonding: They believe in strengthening their relationship through regular updates and bonding over the progress of the pregnancy. They would love to receive baby updates and have a few FaceTime calls, always respecting the surrogate’s comfort level. 
  • Post-Birth Connection: Brian and Aidan imagine frequent contact during the first six months to share updates. As their children grow, they hope to stay in touch during significant moments like holidays and birthdays. 

Brian and Aidan are searching for a surrogate who is accepting and supportive of helping a same-sex couple build their family. They value clear and compassionate communication, a friendly and warm personality, and someone open to the possibility of carrying twins (DET). 

If you or someone you know is interested in helping Brian and Aidan achieve their dream of starting a family, apply today at 



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