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Meet Liza & Michael, can you be their solution?

Liza is a neurologist and professor, and Mike works in biotech. Liza also travels yearly to Cambodia and Laos to teach neurology and both participate in Miles for Migraine, advocating for better migraine care. We do not anticipate any career changes.

Our marriage is built on friendship, and we love spending time together. We rarely fight, are very family-oriented, and enjoy spending time with friends and their kids. We’re ready to have a child and can’t wait to share our lives with them, watch them grow, travel, and teach them everything we know.
We talked about kids early in our relationship and started trying right after we married.

Despite our long and hard fertility journey with surgery, multiple rounds of IVF, and transfers that didn’t take, we value each other’s traits and hope to pass on our family stories and histories to our children.

Both families have been supportive throughout our fertility journey, with Liza’s parents visiting for multiple steps. Our parents are available to stay with us, and we have a strong community in Miami. Liza’s parents plan to move here soon, and Mike’s retired parents are looking for apartments nearby. Even our adult poodles, Titus and Beau, are excited to meet their human sibling.

We hope to build a close relationship with our surrogate, respecting her space and desired level of contact. We seek a kind, caring person invested in helping us start our family. We value open communication and are flexible about the relationship, aiming to be supportive and involved throughout the pregnancy. We look forward to sharing this journey and are open to a long-term friendship if the surrogate is.

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