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Meet the Kehoe Family, Can You Be Their Solution?

Meet the Kehoes,

You may remember Jenny & Kevin, they are looking for one more surrogate to complete their family!

Back to the beginning, Kevin & Jenny have been together since college, where shortly after Jenny was diagnosed with PCOS, and they knew that one day they would have to go through some kind of fertility treatments to get pregnant.

It took 21 months of everything but IVF to conceive their first-born Conor. When Conor turned 6 months old Kevin was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease as well as type 1 diabetes at the age of 30.

They spent most of that year in and out of the hospital trying to get his chronic disease under control. He ended up needing to be put on a daily oral chemotherapy medication as well as immunomodulators. Because of this their RE recommended we go straight to IVF in the future and had his sperm frozen before starting all the intense medications.

They ended up with 11 genetically perfect embryos after one round. One year later, after Kevin was in remission they went through the process of IVF and transferred one female embryo and got pregnant right away. Jenny’s pregnancy was very hard. Jenny almost miscarried her at 16 weeks while Conor (who was diagnosed with leukemia) was at Childrens national hospital getting cancer treatments where he passed 10 months later. Conor was kind, loving, and smart with the most tender heart who loved construction sites (daddy is a builder), dinosaurs and birds (he could name them all).

Jenny fought hard to make it to her induction date and Reagan was born perfect.

Unfortunately, after birth Jenny wouldn’t stop bleeding and was rushed to the OR for an emergency D&C. She woke up in the ICU and was told she was lucky to be alive.  She lost more than half her body’s worth of blood due to a spontaneous rupture of her uterus and lost her left ovary.

Kevin & Jenny were told that Surrogacy is their best option for her safety & their unborn child, as to avoid potential spontaneous rupture again while pregnant which could end in loss of child and possible loss of her life.

This brings us to their surrogacy journeys…

They were matched in November 2021 and after 2 failed transfers their RE suggested they find another surrogate after two failed male transfers & another round of egg retrieval because we knew we wanted a boy next and got 3 more girls and 2 more boys. With the next surrogate, their little boy stuck the first time, Henry was born January 2024. He has lots of dark hair and blue eyes, he has been the most perfect addition to their growing family.

Today, they are looking for one more kind woman to be their surrogate to complete their family!

Jenny is a nurse practitioner; Kevin owns his own company & builds homes. Reagan is now 2.5 years old, she has light brown hair and has bright blue eyes. She is very sweet, loves make-up, dress up and pretend play, and has so many friends because of her outgoing personality, she has never met a stranger. Her 3 boy cousins are her best friends.

Their family passion project is to raise one million dollars for Children’s National Hospital to support research for aggressive leukemia’s and lymphoma’s in children in honor of their son Conor. Kevin & Jenny come from large families & enjoy activities together to grow a stronger bond. They are excited to complete their family & thankful for all of the women who have helped make it happen.

They are in need of another surrogate to complete their family… Can you help them complete their happy family?

Jenny & Kevin are part of the over 70 families at Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions that are WAITING for a caring woman willing to help them. If you feel drawn to their story and may be interested in helping them or another family, we would love to hear from you! You can learn more about the process and apply to be their surrogate at


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