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Meet Sasi & Joyce, Can You Be Their Solution?



Sasikumar, who goes by Sasi, and Joyce, are a loving and committed couple that want nothing more than to create their happy family, but need the help of a surrogate. They are deeply rooted in their families’ traditions and look forward to celebrating with family and friends to partake in traditional rituals, bestowing blessings, and wisdom.

Both were born and raised in a small town in southern India, the couple’s families have shared a history of friendship for over 40 years. Destiny reconnected them after leaving their hometown, and despite initial challenges, their love brought them back together.

The journey led them to Dallas, where they built a home and welcomed Mr. Zack, a golden retriever who brought unexpected joy and purpose. “Unexplained Infertility’ has led to 6 failed rounds of IUI, 2 failed IVF cycles, and a heartbreaking stillbirth of their baby girl at 28 weeks due to complications.

They feel hopeful as they now journey down the path of surrogacy, seeking a selfless and kindhearted soul, will help them with an incredible gift to grow their family. Can you help them create a happy family?

Sasi and Joyce are part of the over 70 families at Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions that are WAITING for a caring woman willing to help them. If you feel drawn to their story and may be interested in helping them or another family, we would love to hear from you! You can learn more about the process and apply to be their surrogate at


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