Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions

Join us in today’s heartwarming episode as we sit down with dads Mike and Harold, who share their incredible journey of growing their family through surrogacy and egg donation.

As a same-sex couple, they open up about the complexities they navigated, from medical challenges to the emotional and practical considerations they faced along the way. Mike and Harold highlight the invaluable support from Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions, whose guidance was crucial throughout their journey.

Despite numerous obstacles, their unwavering determination to become parents shines through. They talk about the importance of open communication, a strong support system, and carefully considering the long-term implications of their decisions regarding genetic material.

Reflecting on their decade-long journey, Mike and Harold provide a wealth of insights for anyone embarking on a similar path. This episode is filled with resilience, humor, and above all, love. Don’t miss this touching conversation with two incredible individuals who navigated the surrogacy process with grace and joy.


–Having a supportive agency can provide guidance and help navigate the complexities of the process. The journey to parenthood may involve challenges and setbacks, but determination and support can keep you going.

-Humorous and heartwarming moments make the journey worthwhile. Open and honest communication is crucial throughout the surrogacy journey.

-Having a strong support system can help navigate the challenges and emotional rollercoaster of surrogacy.

-Decisions regarding genetic material should be carefully considered and discussed between intended parents.