Creating A Happy Family

Hillary Redwine

Hillary understands firsthand what it means to have someone help you create your family. After struggling with infertility for several years following an ovarian cancer diagnosis, she was matched with a wonderful egg donor through Egg Donor Solutions. She and her husband, Jared, welcomed their daughter in 2015. Hillary combines her professional background in communications […]

Erin Milligan

Erin finds great joy in managing the details of the business so that the coordinators, educators, and directors can focus on what matters most: YOU, our clients. She has a Bachelor of Mathematics degree with a minor in 8-12 Education from Texas Woman’s University and taught high school Mathematics for 6 years. Her favorite part […]

Blake Encalade

Blake entered the world of surrogacy and egg donation first as a spouse. Now, as the Controller at Egg Donor and Surrogate Solutions, he manages the HR and Financial side of the business including escrow and trust management, HR, invoicing, payroll and accounts payable. Blake finds it a privilege when he’s given the opportunity to […]

Whitney Hall

After experiencing an easy pregnancy with her eldest daughter, Whitney felt a divine calling to help others grow their families through surrogacy. She served as a gestational carrier for two sets of intended parents after completing her own family. As a Care Coordinator, Whitney is honored to guide and support intended parents and surrogates through […]

Shannon Peguero Taveras

Shannon recently joined our team during her 2022 journey as a gestational carrier with Surrogate Solutions. She considers herself so blessed to have an extremely close relationship with the family she carried for. She describes their journey as “fusing two separate families into one”. Having always wanted to help families in some way, she is […]

Mikela Dietrich

Mikela joined the Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions team after completing an egg donation cycle with us in early 2022. She comes from a background as a Senior Customer Care Representative and strives to bring that guidance and attentiveness to her new role as an Egg Donor Educator. Mikela feels that egg donation has completely […]

Melissa Martinez

Melissa has over a decade of experience in supporting a large team and their clients by providing tools and resources they need to be successful in their roles and reach their goals.  Her heart to serve others is evident by her desire to ensure that everyone around her feels supported through open lines of communication, […]

Meg Watwood

In her role as a surrogacy coordinator, Meg works with both gestational carriers and intended parents to educate and guide them through the surrogacy process. She was inspired to help intended parents create their families as a surrogate after she and her husband experienced secondary infertility and had to undergo IVF to conceive their twin […]

Jordyn Boucha

Jordyn feels very honored to assist our coordinators in helping each surrogacy and egg donation cycle to run as smoothly as possible. Jordyn is a previous 5-time egg donor and has a passion for helping to create happy families both personally and professionally. She lives in Dallas with her amazing husband, precious son, and her […]

Janeth Ignacio

Janeth is often the first contact a potential egg donor has with Egg Donor Solutions. We understand that the application process can be overwhelming and she is eager to answer each egg donor’s questions to ensure they are knowledgeable about the process and also completes a profile that accurately reflects each woman’s personality. Janeth earned […]