Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions

Hillary Redwine

Hillary understands firsthand what it means to have someone help you create your family. After struggling with infertility for several years following an ovarian cancer diagnosis, she was matched with a wonderful egg donor through Egg Donor Solutions. She and her husband, Jared, welcomed their daughter in 2015. Hillary combines her professional background in communications […]

Blake Encalade

Blake entered the world of surrogacy and egg donation first as a spouse. Now, as the Controller at Egg Donor and Surrogate Solutions, he manages the HR and Financial side of the business including escrow and trust management, HR, invoicing, payroll and accounts payable. Blake finds it a privilege when he’s given the opportunity to […]

Whitney Hall

After experiencing an easy pregnancy with her eldest daughter, Whitney felt a calling to help others grow their families through surrogacy. She served as a gestational carrier for two sets of intended parents after completing her own family. As a Surrogacy Educator & Coordinator, Whitney is honored to guide and support intended parents and surrogates […]

Shannon Peguero Taveras

Shannon completed her first surrogacy journey with Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions in June of 2022. She considers herself so blessed to have an extremely close relationship with the family she carried for. She describes their journey as “fusing two separate families into one”. Having always wanted to help families in some way, she is […]

Rachel Webster

Rachel joins the Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions team as our Egg Donor Match Coordinator bringing 15 years of teaching experience to the table. What sets Rachel apart is her firsthand understanding of the physical and emotional toll that repeated IVF attempts can take. She and her husband faced a challenging seven-year journey to expand […]

Pashey Willhite

After being inspired by a friend’s positive experience as a surrogate, Pashey embarked on a journey to help other families experience the joy of having children. Despite initially deciding to wait due to uncertainties about expanding her own family, a heartbreaking event involving a close friend undergoing IVF prompted Pashey to believe it was finally […]

Meg Watwood

In her role as a Surrogacy Match & Education Coordinator, Meg works with both gestational carriers and intended parents to educate and guide them through the surrogacy process. She was inspired to help intended parents create their families as a surrogate after she and her husband experienced secondary infertility and had to undergo IVF to […]

Katryce Williams

With 8 years of experience as a certified Medical Assistant, Katryce brings invaluable expertise from her roles as a Third Party Coordinator and IVF Coordinator at fertility clinics in the DFW Area to her role at Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions as an Administrative Specialist. Katryce, who resides in the DFW area with her fiancée […]

Janeth Ignacio

Janeth is often the first contact a potential egg donor has with Egg Donor Solutions. We understand that the application process can be overwhelming and she is eager to answer each egg donor’s questions to ensure they are knowledgeable about the process and also completes a profile that accurately reflects each woman’s personality. Janeth earned […]

Erin Milligan

Erin derives immense satisfaction from effectively managing the intricacies of our business, allowing our coordinators, educators, and directors to dedicate their focus to what truly matters: YOU, our valued clients. With a Bachelor of Mathematics degree complemented by a minor in 8-12 Education from Texas Woman’s University, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her […]

Courtney Solstad

After 5 years of infertility, 2 failed IVF and 6 failed IUI cycles, Courtney finally found herself pregnant with her first child, via her third IVF.  Courtney finds herself a pro at managing the ins and outs of 3 different schools, multiple sports, and church schedules. Prior to joining Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions, Courtney […]

Barette Best

Barette was inspired by friends to become a surrogate in 2014 after witnessing years of their personal infertility struggles. Barette had such an amazing experience, she was a surrogate once again in 2019.   She is dedicated to educating others on surrogacy & sharing with every woman she meets the difference surrogacy can make in their […]

Amy Wise

Amy, with four years of experience in transitional care management, having worked across four hospitals in Central Florida. Her absolute favorite units were the postpartum and NICU. She even secured a special role as the go-to “NICU Cuddler.” Beyond her professional life, Amy is a devoted wife, a mother of two, and a three-time surrogate! […]

Allyson McGee

Allyson’s personal struggle with infertility as she was starting her own family led to her passion for helping others create their happy families. She has done three surrogacy journeys (all boys!) and maintains close relationships with the families. As a Surrogacy Coordinator, Allyson guides and supports intended parents and surrogates through the process and is […]

Angela Sanchez

Angela has a huge passion for helping others by listening, being supportive, and giving hope to the families and surrogates she works with as a Surrogacy Coordination Manager. Being a surrogate was something Angela contemplated for years, and in 2012 she embarked on her first journey. She has extensive knowledge both because of her personal […]

Angela Perez

Angela brings with her a wealth of expertise coming from a background as an IVF coordinator in clinical settings for over 8 years. Angela possesses an unwavering passion for assisting others, which extends beyond her professional life. In addition to her role in the clinic, she plays an integral part in managing a family insulation […]

Holly Muzny

Holly joined Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions in 2013 and serves our team as the Egg Donor Matching & Education Director.  She takes pride in ensuring each one of our potential egg donors is educated on the process, commitment and difference they are making by choosing to be an egg donor.  In addition to educating […]

Lauren Palm

Lauren has found no greater joy than bringing people together and creating happy families. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Georgia and has been a part of the team since 2010. She now serves on the Senior Leadership team and is the Director of Matching and Education for […]

Kallie Wilson

Kallie has been a part of the Egg Donation industry since 2014 and started working with our Surrogate Program in 2021. Kallie is a member of our Senior Leadership Team and focuses her efforts on our coordination teams, providing educational opportunities for our team, and day-to-day operations.  Kallie has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology […]

Katy Encalade

Katy has a true passion for helping intended parents create their families through egg donation and surrogacy. After 15 years in the industry some of the best moments are still receiving Birth Announcements from the families the company has served over the years and hearing the impact egg donation and surrogacy has made on the […]