Creating A Happy Family

Pashey Willhite

After being inspired by a friend’s positive experience as a surrogate, Pashey embarked on a journey to help other families experience the joy of having children. Despite initially deciding to wait due to uncertainties about expanding her own family, a heartbreaking event involving a close friend undergoing IVF prompted Pashey to believe it was finally the right time. Pashey delivered a baby girl in August of 2022 to her parents and still feels like her experience was so precious and amazing. Pashey has the joy of now being able to help to create families as a Surrogacy Coordinator for Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions. She comes to us with an administrative background in the education system and will use her attention to detail to help give her Intended Parents and Surrogates a positive surrogacy experience. Pashey and her husband live in the Tulsa area with their two children. They love spending time at a sports complex watching their girls play the sports they love, camping at the lake during the summer, and family game nights.