Create A Happy Family

Rachel Webster

Rachel joins the Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions team as our Egg Donor Match Coordinator bringing 15 years of teaching experience to the table. What sets Rachel apart is her firsthand understanding of the physical and emotional toll that repeated IVF attempts can take. She and her husband faced a challenging seven-year journey to expand their family, grappling with the disappointments of unsuccessful attempts. However, their perseverance paid off, as they were fortunate enough to connect with an egg donor, resulting in the joyous arrival of two incredible children.

Outside of work, Rachel’s heart belongs to her family, and she relishes every moment spent with them. She also makes it a priority to maintain a strong connection with her husband by regularly enjoying date nights together. She calls the DFW area home, where she resides with her loving husband and two wonderful children. Rachel’s personal journey and unwavering dedication to her family and work make her invaluable to our team.