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The Journey of a Two Time Surrogate

A conversation with Debi’s best friend, who was struggling with health issues, led her to consider becoming a surrogate. It would be amazing if she could help her have a baby. As it happened, her friend became pregnant, she did not think about it much more. Three or four months later, she noticed on Facebook that one of her college classmates, whom she had not spoken to in years, needed a surrogate. He mentioned working with Surrogate Solutions. While lying in bed that night, Debi realized that she needed to investigate this company. She submitted her application late that night. In a few days, an email arrived saying Surrogate Solutions was interested in her joining the program! That is how it all began. 

As a surrogate, Debi’s experiences have been nothing short of amazing. Her first experience was for a couple having their second surrogate baby. She says “This was a sibling journey. The older child was aware that I was carrying his sister, but he was also incredibly young. He just knew that sissy was in my belly. However, everyone in both families connected instantly. Even our husbands had a bromance! The intended parents attended all doctor appointments, and we met before and after for breakfast or lunch. We are still in touch today.” 

For her second surrogacy journey, Debi is carrying the intended parents’ first child.  She says “As of yet, it is unclear how these two journeys will differ. I expect the delivery process to be more emotional for them since this is their first child. Challenges and obstacles have plagued them throughout their journey. Before me, the couple never had a positive pregnancy test. This journey also forged remarkably close relationships for us as a family with the intended parents and their families. I even met Chelsea, the egg donor during a photoshoot for this journey. Immediately, I felt like I had met my long-lost sister. She complimented Christi and me perfectly. Though we had never met before, it was like picking up where we left off.”  

Having experienced two journeys, Debi says what stands out most is the support provided by both families for not just herself but her family too. “Although I was compensated, I am overwhelmed by the amount of love and gratitude that we have received from not only the parents but their support systems and friends as well. I was blessed to be invited to the baby showers, which afforded me the opportunity to meet many of these wonderful, supportive people in person. “ 

“It has been an incredible experience. The ability to teach my own children compassion and openness was amazing. Being a parent, I worried that this would seem strange to them and their friends, however, this has not been an issue. My children simply tell their friends that mom is carrying a baby for someone whose stomach will not work. I have also learned over the course of this process that many of my close friends have experienced pregnancy-related problems, and I am now fortunate enough to be able to serve as an advocate for them.” 

Debi says many ask why she wants to do this; It is simple “My desire to do this is driven by my love for being a mother, and if I can give another woman that gift, then I will do it. I am such an advocate for surrogacy. I wish more people were open-minded about it. I also want others to know how grateful I am to be a part of Surrogate Solutions. Without Surrogate Solutions and their amazing team, all of this would not have been possible and would not have been as smooth as it has. “ 

Finding the right agency will lead to finding the right surrogate to fit your needs and your comfort so you, too, can have a happy ending. If you are considering surrogacy and would like to learn more, contact Surrogate Solutions today. 

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