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Meet Lee & Ben, can you be their solution?

Meet our amazing Intended Parents… Can you help them??

Lee and Ben are a young, vibrant couple from Texas who want nothing more than to have a baby. They have attempted IVF multiple times, but they have not been able to create any healthy, viable embryos. Thankfully, a very dear friend called Lee in early 2020, asking if she and Ben might be interested in adopting their embryos. This friend’s family was complete and they wanted to give their three embryos a chance at life. Needless to say, Ben and Lee were ecstatic! Ben and Lee are now embarking on their surrogacy journey to hopefully bring at least one of these precious embryos to life!

Ben and Lee like to stay active, and they enjoy a variety of hobbies. Ben enjoys games, camping, grilling/smoking various things, and hanging out at the pool with the puppies. Lee’s favorite hobbies include all things with thread – knitting, sewing, etc. She also loves to cook and bake and is happiest when feeding people her creations. Together, Ben and Lee love traveling and seeing the world from the eyes of locals.

They are excited to one day show their children the sights and flavors of the world.

Lee and Ben are searching for a gestational carrier within driving distance to Dallas. Their IVF clinic requires all appointments be done locally, and Lee and Ben would love to be involved in every aspect of the pregnancy. They desire a close relationship with their surrogate, but they will be highly respectful of their carrier’s time and space.

If you or someone you know feels called to help this sweet couple complete their family, we would love to speak with you.

You can learn about the process and apply to be a surrogate at  Thank you for your consideration in giving to this precious family!


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