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Meet Jennifer and Jason, can you be their solution?

Jennifer and Jason knew when they met that they wanted to have children one day, but after seven years of trying to complete their family, they have had heartache after heartache. In 2015, they easily got pregnant naturally with their first child. However, when they started trying to have another baby, the challenges began.

After multiple miscarriages and infertility treatments, they were able to have a second child. Jennifer and Jason knew they wanted a third child, so Jennifer underwent IVF and they were able to create 3 healthy male embryos. After the complications of her previous pregnancies and deliveries, Jennifer miraculously got pregnant.

At 29.5 weeks, however, she noticed her son was less active than normal. She went to the hospital to learn that his heart had stopped beating, and she was induced that afternoon. After years of trying to complete their family, Jennifer delivered a stillborn baby.

Life is so precious to Jason and Jennifer, and having two embryos left, they want to give them a chance at life. Unfortunately, due to the complications Jennifer sustained during pregnancy and delivery, she is no longer able to carry. In order to bring their embryos to life, they need the selfless help of a gestational carrier.

Jennifer and Jason’s world revolves around family, and they love spending time outside with their children walking their dog, swimming, fishing, and eating on the patio. They have a large support system of family and friends who have walked this difficult road with them, and they are all looking forward to celebrating with them one day when their family is complete.

Jason and Jennifer said the most important thing for a surrogate to know is how deeply their family truly loves and cares for each other. “We have two daughters that we would do anything for and, in turn, they would do anything for each other. Our older daughter was beyond thrilled when we were pregnant with our son. Our younger daughter wasn’t old enough to understand, but we know she would also love welcoming a new sibling into the family. We believe in raising kind, good children and embracing them for who they are.”

If you or someone you know feels called to help this precious couple complete their family, we would love to talk to you. You can learn more about the process and apply to be their surrogate at


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