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Choosing To Donate Twice

Chelsea is an active, outgoing and caring physical education teacher. Her passions include shopping and cooking. As a twenty-four-year-old, she found herself in a relationship with an abusive man who stole a large amount of money from her. In the aftermath of their relationship, she was in debt, and worked 60 to 80 hours a week just to survive. During this time, she and her friends discussed egg donation and its benefits. She decided to research the topic, but at the time, she was unsure of her ability to manage the side effects and emotional commitment. She decided to put it on hold. 

Four years later, at a different stage of her life, and after having had a child of her own, the subject came up again. Chelsea reached out to a high school friend who had donated with Egg Donor Solutions in the past. Suddenly, she said, it felt quite different. She was in a good place in her life, and she had been so blessed.  She was feeling selfish because she was able to have children while other women could not. As a result, she realized this was the right time to help another family. She still took two months to complete her application due to mental blocks at the time. It remains true, however, that she is now a two-time donor. 

Genetically healthy genes and a desire to help others were her main motivations for donating. In addition to being personally beneficial, egg donation also offered an opportunity to do something beyond herself. Being forced to take care of herself throughout the egg donation cycle, also allowed her to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

Unlike most donors, Chelsea had a unique opportunity to donate twice to the same family. In her words, it was incredible and an honor to be part of that experience, as she realized they saw something in her she was not able to see for herself. When asked what she found most exciting, Chelsea immediately replied, “Meeting the intended mother.” The family was so grateful for all that Chelsea had done for them they asked if she was willing to meet them. An instant bond was formed and now they are truly like family. 

Although there were many positive aspects throughout the process, it was not always easy, Chelsea said, reflecting on the experience. It is important to remember that hormones will be a big part of the process. Reminding herself that this was not about her personally made her feel better. She advises other donors to do the same, along with keeping an open mind and being flexible.  

“If you are feeling discouraged, think about the experiences the intended parents have had. Imagine how they will feel the first time they see their child. Keeping an open mind and realizing it’s not about you is all you need to do.” Chelsea also found it helpful to look at all the positive things she planned with her compensation such as pay off her debt, get a new car, and have that cosmetic procedure she always wanted. 

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