Creating A Happy Family

Episode 5 Who?! Mother And Daughter (& now Surro-Sisters)

We all know surrogacy impacts so many families, but who knew that Angela’s journeys would have such an influence so close to home! After watching her mom take part in five journeys, Tristan was inspired to become a surrogate herself and delivery day is just around the corner! Tune in now.

Episode 4 Who?! Meet Angela, A medical Assistant & Egg Donor Coordinator

A love for women’s health led to an unexpected career as a medical assistant at a fertility clinic. Angela is now an egg donor coordinator is here to share knowledge as to why the Assisted Reproductive Medicine Guidelines (ASRM Guidelines) are so important to the egg donor and surrogacy journey Watch Episode 4 now.  

Episode 2 Who?! Meet Jordyn, a 5x egg donor & new mom

Who knew that what started as a curiosity in high school while studying for an AP bio quiz would become a passion that would impact so many! Please enjoy listening to Jordyn tell her story of being an egg donor for five different families and how her choice has made such a positive aspect on […]

Podcast Intro

Me, You, & Who?! Find out more about what it means to be a surrogate, egg donor, or intended parent.