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Who? Parents via Egg Donation

On today’s episode, we get to hear the journeys of Liz and Brian, as well as of Brandon and Jake, as each couple navigated the path of egg donation to grow their families. They open up about their decision to pursue egg donation, sharing the emotional highs and lows they faced along the way. They […]

Who? Two Amazing Dads via Egg Donation & Surrogacy

Join us in today’s heartwarming episode as we sit down with dads Mike and Harold, who share their incredible journey of growing their family through surrogacy and egg donation. As a same-sex couple, they open up about the complexities they navigated, from medical challenges to the emotional and practical considerations they faced along the way. […]

Who?! The Dads via Egg Donation

Father’s Day is a special occasion, and to celebrate, we’re shining a light on dads who became fathers through egg donation. In this episode, Brent and Scott share their heartfelt stories, highlighting the joys and challenges they faced along the way. Scott and his wife always knew egg donation would be part of their story, […]

Who?!- Third Party Reproductive Nurse, Lauren Brown, RN

May marks Nurse Appreciation Week, a special time to celebrate the incredible contributions of nurses. Our agency works with so many amazing nurses but in this episode, we are shining a spotlight on one extraordinary nurse: Lauren Brown, the Lead Third Party Coordinator at CCRM Houston. Lauren takes us through a typical day in her […]

Who?! An Intended Mother via Surrogacy and Everly’s Mama

It is the season of Mother’s Day which is time of celebration, but can also be a hard day for many. To celebrate where ever you find yourself during this time we want to share some stories of hope and today’s episode you will get to hear form Crystal, who’s inspiring journey to motherhood is […]

Who?! Amy and Tim Shaw

It is almost Mother’s Day which can be a time of big celebration but also a hard day for many. To celebrate wherever you find yourself during this time we want to share some stories of hope and one of them is that of sweet mama Amy and dad Tim. In their pursuit of starting […]

NIAW Special- Who?! Molly O’Brien, Esq.

Molly O’Brien, an attorney specializing in art law, shares her journey into the field of surrogacy and egg donation. With grace and compassion, she narrates how her prior experiences in the industry inspired her to pursue a law degree, becoming a passionate advocate for the rights of parents, surrogates, and donors alike. Molly discusses the […]

NIAW Special- Who?! Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr. Ravi Gada

Dr. Ravi Gada warmly shares his journey and passion for reproductive endocrinology, highlighting the ever-changing landscape of the field. He emphasizes the importance of teamwork and the joy of patient care, drawing from his personal experiences with IVF. Acknowledging the impact of social media on fertility awareness, Dr. Gada delves into the complexities of navigating […]

NIAW Special- Who?! Everyone Deserves a Family Grant Founder Lindsey Tomaszewski

On today’s special episode we get to hear from Lindsey Tomaszewski, who opens up about her remarkable journey to parenthood, navigating through the highs and lows of infertility treatments, but focusing on the financial hurdles, and the emotional roller coaster of adoption and surrogacy. Through candid storytelling, she shares her personal triumphs of embracing parenthood […]

NIAW Special-Who?! RESOLVE with Rebecca Flick

In this episode, we delve into the essence of National Infertility Awareness Week, founded by Resolve, The National Infertility Association, in 1989. It’s a platform for sharing stories, raising awareness, and catalyzing change. Our guest, Rebecca Flick, Chief External Affairs Officer for Resolve, shares her journey since joining in 2005, initially motivated by a desire […]

Who?! Advocates from the Donor Conceived Community

In this episode, we have the privilege and honor of hearing from Melissa Bornico and Rachel Schiff as they discuss their experiences as donor-conceived individuals and their involvement with the US Donor Conceived Council (USDCC). They share how they learned about their donor conception, the challenges they faced in processing this information, and the impact […]

Who?! The Momma’s via Egg Donation

On this episode we get to hear amazing stories from some momma’s who share their experiences of growing their families through egg donation, the ups and downs they faced, and what it has been like since becoming mothers. They discuss the reasons that led them to choose egg donation, the resources and support they received […]

Who?! An Infertility Specialist at Dallas IVF, Dr. Dara Havemann

In this episode we have the joy of getting to speak with Dr. Dara Havemann, a wife, mom, and reproductive endocrinologist at Dallas IVF. In this episode Dr. Havemann discusses the evolution of IVF techniques, the intriguing differences between fresh and frozen embryos and explains the many different processes involved in a very understandable way. […]

Who?! A Fertility Doctor and Her Path to Motherhood, Dr. Dorette Noorhasan

In this episode Dr. Dorette Noorhasan shares her personal journey through infertility and surrogacy, highlighting the influential women in her life and her passion for reproductive endocrinology and infertility. She discusses the emotional challenges of becoming a patient and navigating fertility treatments and surrogacy. Dr. Noorhasan emphasizes the importance of finding the right surrogate and […]

Who?! Recipient Mom, Laura

In this weeks episode we get to hear from Laura, a mother who used egg donation to create her beautiful family over 10 years ago. Laura talks to us about how she and her husband navigated their journey, how they talk to their children about their story and advice for other intended parents. Topics Covered […]

Who?! The Egg Donors

In this weeks episode we get to listen to two amazing donors reflect on their journeys, talk about their unique but similar experiences, some advice and ultimately their “why” behind helping a family grow through egg donation.    

Who?! An Intended Mother and Surrogate

We are so excited to kick off our second season with Jackie and Kaitlin! Despite being on opposites sides of the country, distance was never a factor in how close they became as they went on this amazing surrogacy journey. But before they found one another they each had a few bumps as they began […]

Who?! Our Egg Donor Education Team!

Meet Mikela and Denise, who are part of our Egg Donor Education Team! In this episode you will hear Mikela’s beautiful story about her own egg donation story, as well as FAQs and tips about the application process. These two ladies have such a passion when it comes to creating happy families through egg donation!

Who?! Actually what?! Egg Donor Intended Parent Webinar

Please enjoy this special episode, an education webinar that we feature for potential intended parents through egg donation. It’s an amazing resource that outlines the emotional process you go through as an intended parent pursuing egg donation as a way to grow your family. You can see the next webinar dates here: