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Jamie’s Story

Jamie is a five time egg donor from Houston, Texas.  She will begin her 6th, and final, cycle this month.  Jamie learned about egg donation online and immediately was intrigued by the process.  After ample research about egg donation in general, she began her search for the right agency, ultimately deciding on Egg Donor Solutions.

Jamie remembers the exact moment she made her decision to become an egg donor.  While at the beach one summer with her family, she was surrounded by those she loved and she realized that everyone should be given a chance to have a family.  Jamie decided that if she had the ability, she would love to give that opportunity to someone else.  She feels that families who choose egg donation go through a lot during the process, and they could only truly want a child, and therefore feels very comfortable donating to a family.

Jamie feels like the overall egg donation process has been smooth.  The most difficult part of the cycle is the paperwork in the beginning she has to complete! Through each of her donations, she has been taken care of by her care coordinator, Kallie.  Jamie says Kallie, and all of the EDS team has been wonderful to work with.  All of her calls and emails are answered immediately and she knows they truly care about her.

Through becoming an egg donor,  Jamie has learned the value of helping someone in need.  She knew that she was able to help a family, so there was no question she would continue as an egg donor.

Jamie wants potential egg donors to be informed of the whole process, to know how the medications work, and understand that no matter what your reason for being an egg donor, be informed of what you are taking part in.

Overall, Jamie wanted intended families, as well as potential egg donors to know that she feels extremely honored to be a part of something so great.  She has forever changed many families’ lives and she is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their story.

“…to me, it’s beautiful….” Jamie, EDS Egg Donor.


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