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Explaining Surrogacy to Family and Friends

Your friends and family are probably aware of your struggle to have children. Perhaps you are working through fertility issues or need help creating a family because you are single or in a same sex relationship. Those who have never encountered these kinds of issues in having a family may not even be aware that gestational surrogacy is an option. It’s up to you how much you wish to share depending on each specific relationship.

Here are some ideas to smooth the way.

Share your decision. Tell those closest to you why gestational surrogacy is the best decision for your family. You may need to explain the difference between traditional and gestational surrogacy. Your decision to turn to surrogacy may seem sudden to them because they don’t know the time you have been putting in behind the scenes.

Share your resources. You have put a lot of research into your decision to build your family through gestational surrogacy. By the time you decided it was the right choice for you, you’re probably quite an expert on the topic. Lend your loved ones books on surrogacy that you have found valuable or send them links to your surrogacy agency or informational sites, message boards, or support groups where they can learn about gestational surrogacy in more detail.

Address their concerns. Your family and friends have your best interests at heart, so answer the questions you deem appropriate. Don’t feel bad about saying you are not comfortable answering questions that go beyond the scope of what you’re willing to share. Be true to the nature of your relationship. Some people are comfortable sharing every detail from the exact amount you are spending on the surrogacy to the specific embryo implantation process.

Answer common questions. People who don’t understand gestational surrogacy probably want to know if it is legal if the baby is related to the surrogate, or how you can be sure the surrogate won’t keep the baby. These are common misconceptions, so don’t be too hard on them for not knowing.

Don’t feel the need to explain yourself to everyone. It’s up to you how much you want to share and with whom. Only your closest loved ones should have any expectations of knowing how you decide to create your family.

For more information on sharing your surrogacy journey with your friends and family, please contact Egg Donor & Surrogate Solutions today!


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