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Some donors, prior to joining Egg Donor Solutions (EDS), have had previous experience with a different egg donation program. That was the case for Claire, who completed two cycles with a frozen egg bank before deciding to switch to EDS.

One of the main differences in working with an agency like EDS is that donors are matched with intended parents (IPs) for a fresh donation cycle versus having their eggs frozen to be chosen by IPs at a later time. This gives donors greater control over the number of families who receive their eggs. It also allows the opportunity for a connection between donors and IPs, as IPs will often write a letter to their donor to share a little about themselves and to thank the donor for her role in helping to create their family.

Claire has completed two cycles with EDS and shares what it was like to receive a letter from one set of IPs. “The best part of my experience was getting a letter from the IPs with them expressing how thankful they are for me and that they’re so excited to start their family,” she explains. “It reaffirmed how special this donation is for the IPs and for me to get to donate for them! I know couples who are currently struggling with infertility, and if I can be an option for helping couples grow a family, that makes everything worth it.”

Other benefits that set the EDS program apart are that donors have their own attorney during the legal process, and they have a dedicated care coordinator to be their advocate and guide them through the process – two things that Claire says made all the difference during her cycles.

“At the egg bank, all the legal paperwork was done through the clinic, and I didn’t have my own representation. Working with EDS and [my coordinator] Melissa gave me more support during the process,” Claire explains. “I was treated more like a patient than just a donor. My cycle and mental health were much better with EDS as I knew what to expect, and I felt like I got my questions answered better. My coordinator responds in minutes as opposed to waiting on the clinic to have free time for me.”

Claire says that her cycles were easy, and the side effects were minimal with only minor cramping and moodiness. “It’s like heavy period cramps, which are tolerable with recommended over-the-counter meds,” she explains. “The hardest part is starting the IVF injections, but they’re a breeze once you get over the tiny needles.”

When asked if she has any advice for other women considering egg donation, Claire says, “I tell all my friends and coworkers to apply! It requires about six weeks of your time, a few medications and a fairly quick retrieval. The compensation is definitely a plus, but the donation is so special all by itself. My advice is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise. Light workouts help with any discomfort from the meds.”

We are grateful for our donors, like Claire, who openly share their experience and encourage others to consider egg donation to help create a happy family. If you would like to learn more about our program and the qualifications, please visit or email our team at

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