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What Role Does My Family Play When Deciding To Become A Donor?

Choosing to be an egg donor is a big decision. This isn’t a decision that you want to make without a lot of consideration. Your family can help you make this decision and can play a big part in the process of deciding if it’s right for you or not.  

A journey through egg donation can produce strong emotions regarding the process for some. If the donor does not work through these emotions, they could regret their decision later in life. This is a huge gift to the intended parents but also not a walk in the park. While you are making your decision to become a donor, we suggest to research what is involved in the process, including the legal & psychological evaluations. It is also helpful to know what will be required of you & what makes a good donor.

If You Are Single
If you are single and are interested in becoming an egg donor you may choose to not have your family involved in the process. However, family and friends can be a great support system and can help you decide if the benefits outweigh the costs. It’s vital that you have someone to support you during this process and family (or friends) are often the best at doing just that. 

If You Are Married
If you are married and decide to be an Egg Donor, then the decision needs to be discussed with your spouse. The love and support of your spouse or significant other, is vital during this process. The choice to donate your eggs to help another couple start a family is a decision that you will both want to make together. There are parts of the egg donation process that require you and your significant other abstain from sexual intercourse, and this needs to be agreed upon prior to signing documents. If you plan on conceiving with your partner, you will also want to discuss the timing of this as well. 

If You Have Children
If you already have children, you can still choose to be an egg donor. This might require a little more planning as you might need to arrange childcare while attending to your appointments or your overnight stays depending on your cycle location. Younger children will likely not realize the process you are going through, but they will miss you if you have a cycle that you need to travel for. 

Some donors choose to make the decision to be a donor a personal choice (without the help of friends/family) which is also fully supported. However, you will want someone who you can count on to help you through the process. If you choose to tell friends and family, you are most likely to have their support when they are educated on the process. Encourage them to learn more and let them know there are resources for them as well. Having the support of your family or friends can be one of the most important things when a woman is on the fence about becoming an egg donor.  

We appreciate each of our egg donors and are excited to get to know you. You, the egg donor, make what we do possible! You can get started here!


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