Creating A Happy Family

Kallie Wilson

With almost 10 years of experience in Egg Donation, Kallie is an asset to any family as they are navigating through the Egg Donation process. Kallie has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Counseling and a Master of Science in Social Work with an emphasis in community and administrative practices. Her years of experience in case management (egg donation, adolescents, and in mental health), and her strong communication and problem-solving skills give her the ability to facilitate a successful egg donation cycle. Kallie is committed to ensuring that each family she works with is clear on the process moving forward, that she provides the support they need, and that each egg donor is treated with care and respect. Outside of her work, she loves spending time with her wife and 3 girls. She enjoys running around to everyone’s activities and/or sports events. As a family they love camping, hiking, outdoor movie nights, and a good book.